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Canine Tributes

... Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.

— Agnes Sligh Turnbull


If you had a beloved companion that you would like added to this page, please send a photo with the dog's name (registered name if known), years of birth and death, and the owner's name. If you are not the owner, please provide the owner's name and address so that a notification of the memorial donation can be sent to the person. A brief biography of the dog, a poem or tribute may be submitted (50 words or less).

A minimum $20 donation is requested. Please email the photo and tribute to the Webmaster, and send the donation payment to:

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1995 - 2010

Owner: Andrew Rice

Our love for the Epagneul Breton breed began the moment Sandi joined our family. She was a natural hunter and retriever who never failed to impress in the field. At home, she entertained us with her antics and lively expressions. We were happy to be owned by her for 15 years.

- Don & Linda Rice

Elle  ~  1994-2011

Hoss ~  1995-2008

Owner: Fred Overby

Lifelong companions to Fred Overby.

The photo is from one of their last hunts together on the Georgia farm. They were my first and two greatest E.B.s and the catalyst for my admiration for and involvement with the breed.

NBOB CHF-W TR Brique de L'Ardour

2006 - 2016

Owner: Fred Overby

Coming to the U.S. from France at the age of six, Brique left his mark as a stud dog and field trial competitor with over 30 field trial awards during his trialing career. Remembered as a loyal and gentle friend by owner Fred Overby, his trainer / co-breeder Rob Jagerszk, and Drew Ambos.

Titus des Plaines Dauxeenes TAN

2002 - 2016

Owners: Don and Linda Rice

Titus was a French import from champion lines who had a notable career as a hunter and stud dog. He is remembered for his passion for birds and his sweet gentle nature. He is dearly missed by Don and Linda Rice. (Photo taken three months before he passed on May 25, 2016.)

GUN Tess des Par Dessus Par

2002 - 2016

Owners: Lorene Marcinek

and Keith Castleberry

"The Little Engine That Could" departed us April 23, 2016. Lovingly shared and remembered by her owners Lorene and Keith, along with former owner and admirer Fred Overby.

GUN 2 Baron Maquis de L'Escarbot

2006 - 2016

Owners: Jim and Fatmi Anders

A great hunting dog, wonderful companion and stellar field trial competitor in the UKC Gun Class, Maquis is fondly remembered by owners Jim and Fatmi Anders, breeders John and Bruce Mooney, and Drew Ambos among other admirers.

GRCHF CH Vernon de L'Escarbot

2004 - 2016

Owner: Mark Dinsmore

The first Grand Champion of the Field in the UKC pointing dog program and a standard bearer for the breed during his era as a field trialer and stud dog, Vernon made great contributions to the breed. His companionship is missed by owner Mark Dinsmore and he remains admired by many others.


Sophie des Renfroe


Owner: John Stonie Patterson

The late Stonie Patterson and his beloved dog Sophie are fondly remembered by friends and members of the Epagneul Breton Gun Dog Club of Georgia.

GUN Georgia Isabella

de la Savane Rouge TAN WRT

2011 - 2017

Owner: Larry Ellison

"Bella" was just two weeks short of her sixth birthday when she passed in 2017. She was the life of the party and  is dearly missed by Larry and his wife Anne. She is also honored by Drew Ambos.

Rose de L'Escarbot

2000 - 2017

Owners: John and Jeanne Mooney

We remember Rose with love. A devoted family member for 17 1/2 years. A pheno- menal hunter. Memories of Rose, the fastest dog in our kennel in her prime, flying across the field and slamming in on point, slyly looking at John from the corner of her eye.  Memories of Rose, vacations at the lake, school show and tell, walks in the snow, snuggling on the couch. Memories of Rose fill our hearts. She is also honored by Jim and Fatmi Anders.